With 12 personal staff and 8-bedroom luxurious mansion, Indian billionaire’s daughter is UK’s ‘poshest’ student

New Delhi, October 21: With 12 personal staff members to help her during her studies at a Scottish university, the daughter of an unnamed Indian billionaire has been dubbed the “poshest” student in the United Kingdom.

The girl’s family had already put up advertisements in leading newspapers in the UK to hire the staff members.

A house manager, 3 housekeepers, a gardener, a lady’s maid and a butler

The first-year student at the University of St Andrew on the east coast of Scotland will have a house manager, three housekeepers, a gardener, a lady’s maid and a butler on hand to help her, along with three footmen, a private chef and chauffeur, a leading British daily reported.

The identities of the girl and the family have not been revealed.

The “ultra high net worth (UHNW) family” is described as very formal who want experienced staff, the advert notes in reference to the various roles on offer, which are said to pay around 30,000 pounds (approximately Rs 29 lakhs) a year.

An advert, placed a few weeks ago, was looking for “an outgoing, cheerful” maid with an energetic personality to work within the household.  According to the advert, the maid would be in charge of “waking principal up, liaising with other staff regarding routine and schedule (and) assisting with grooming” of the student.

The butler as per the ad will be in charge of the student’s staff, who will be expected to open doors for her whenever possible, and footmen will serve meals, lay the table and clean.

The staff will also be responsible for wardrobe management and personal shopping.

The requirement was also of a private chef and a chauffeur to whisk her from the mansion to her lectures and the student union at the St Andrews.

The student to stay at Rs 17-cr Eden Mansion

The staff will be employed at the family’s new luxurious mansion, bought so that the daughter won’t have to stay in general student accommodation during the four years she spends studying at the leading Scottish university.

The Indian billionaire’s daughter is reported to be moving into the Eden Mansion, which is worth 2 million euros (approximately Rs 17 crore) while she studies at the University of St Andrew’s.

The secluded home, set in five acres of land, boasts of a private cinema and roof terrace. It also has battlements, a wine cellar, stables and eight bedrooms.

Interestingly, the royal couple Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton had considered the mansion for their final year of university before they settled on a cottage in the Strathtyrum Estate.