Wiley launches skilling programs for engineering students preparing them for new age jobs

New Delhi, April 3: Global research and education company, Wiley, is launching a series of blended learning programs in India to bridge the skill gap that exists in India. The programs would be launched under the umbrella brand WileyNXT. The programs have been designed in consultation with senior industry leaders and academicians who were a part of the Wiley Innovation Advisory Council (WIAC). Besides technological skills, the certifications so designed are focussed on developing expertise in critical thinking and problem solving- often identified as major gap areas for Indian employers. The programs would ensure better access to new technology jobs for students and professionals.

WileyNXT’s four year Integrated Program would augment the regular engineering degree

There are two programs for engineering students to be offered by WileyNXT. While the first one would be a three month short term program, the other one would be four year course which would run parallel to the college curriculum. The short term course, termed as the Accelerator Program, would prepare the students for campus placements. The four year Integrated Program- taught through a contextual learning model drawing on the student’s own experiences- would augment the university degree. This would be a free program in the first year. Students who qualify in the first year would be eligible to enrol for the next year for a nominal fee.

Both the programs involve rigorous training in current and future technologies besides exposing students to enhanced problem solving, analytical and critical thinking skills. WinleyNXT four year program will be available three modules- Java full stack, Machine Learning and Data Engineer. It will have WileyNXT self-assessment credit system, live assessment, e-book library, program specific simulators and over 500 business problems for students to study.

Programs would involve rigorous technological training and enhanced problem solving, critical and analytical thinking skills

Vikas Gupta, Managing Director- Wiley India, discussed about new age businesses have led to serious talent deficit in the Indian job market. As per the India Skills Report 2019, engineers continue to be the most demanded professionals. Therefore it is only natural to look at enhancing college education with skill based programs to make sure that students develop a high learnability quotient and are prepared for the future.

Interested students can contact their college or email Wiley directly at [email protected]. They can also visit the website www.wileynxt.com.