Vice President urges schools to make poetry compulsory part of curriculum

Vice President urges schools to make poetry compulsory part of curriculum

New Delhi, October 07: Saying that poetry can be a powerful tool for social transformation, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu urged schools to make it a mandatory part of the syllabus. He emphasised that peace is a pre-requisite for progress and poems can be an influential medium to secure peace, happiness, brotherhood and harmony.

Literature, arts & humanities education to be encouraged

“I urge schools to make poetry reading and appreciation a compulsory part of the curriculum. “I also ask universities to encourage literature, arts and humanities education. We need poets and writers and artists and singers as much as we need doctors, engineers and scientists,” Naidu has been quoted as saying to a national daily while addressing the valedictory programme of the 39th World Congress of Poets.

He said that peace should be promoted through poetry, and it should encourage everyone to cultivate universal brotherhood, social harmony and tolerance.

Poetry- A catalyst for social transformation

“Poetry can serve as a powerful catalyst that could hasten the process of social transformation,” Naidu told a news daily. The vice president stressed on the importance of promoting arts and culture for building an enlightened and healthy society and nurturing creativity in society.

Naidu said that society is bound to become dull without a creative voice. Having the potential to shape thoughts, feelings and attitudes, poets can be influencers and opinion-makers, he added.

“I am confident that they will use this tremendous power at their disposal, to build a better world. It conveys deep insights, a wide range of emotions and elevates the human experience to the highest levels of consciousness. It has a great impact on the inner chemistry of human emotions, on how we perceive, how we respond and how we behave,” Naidu said while describing poetry as one of the finest expressions of human emotions.

He said that India’s rendezvous with poetry was as old as its civilization, and great Indian epics like the Ramayana and the Mahabharata were among the finest specimens of poetry ever written. Naidu added that these epics are great encyclopedias of ethics, religion, politics and morals, and considered to be treasure houses of India’s traditions.