Student in Maharashtra alleges education minister of ordering his arrest

Mumbai, Jan 7: A student pursuing graduation in the Amravati district of Maharashtra has claimed that the state Education Minister has ordered his arrest for video recording a conversation between the politician and a fellow student.

The allegations were, however, denied by Education Minister Vinod Tawde.

The student, identified as Yuvraj Dabad, also alleged that after the minister ordered his arrest, he was detained for some hours by the police who also seized his smartphone. He further said that the cops deleted the video recording from his phone and then returned the device to him.

Refuting the allegations made by Dabad, the minister said all the charges were false and he did not give any direction to arrest the student. He further said that “lies” were being spread against him.

Amravati police official also denied any incident of arresting or detention of Dabad. They also refuted allegations that the video clip was deleted from his mobile phone.

The controversial incident

The controversial incident occurred on Friday at a college in Amravati, located around 680 km from Mumbai, after the education minister inaugurated an elocution competition. As Tawde was leaving the venue after delivering his speech, a group of students pursuing journalism went to him near his vehicle and began asking him questions on a free-education policy.

One of the students, identified as Prashant Rathod, claimed that the Education Minister told him to do some job if he is unable to afford the expenses of his education after he asked Tawde if Maharashtra could have a free-education policy.

Rathod claimed that Dabad, who was also present there, was video-recording their conversation when the minister asked him to stop the recording. However, Dabad refused to do so following which the minister directed the cops present there to arrest him.

Dabad claimed following the order given by Tawde to arrest him, he was taken out of the college campus by the cops who detained him for some time in a police vehicle. The police, he claimed, also took his phone and later returned it to him in the evening after deleting all the videos recordings.

The education minister’s reaction

Terming all the allegations as false and baseless, Tawde said a lie is being spread against him. He claimed he had a “good interaction” with the students at the college for almost two-and-a-half hours. He further claimed that the students who are accusing him met him outside the hall. They were also distributing pamphlets with ‘Inquilab Zindabad’ written on them to other students.