Missed out issues in National Education Policy submitted by Gujarat to be discussed, says UGC Chairman

Missed out issues in National Education Policy submitted by Gujarat to be discussed, says UGC Chairman

New Delhi, October 01: While speaking on the draft National Education Policy (NEP) on the sidelines of the national VC conference at Gujarat Vidyapith, UGC Chairman D P Singh said that the crucial issues missed out in the policy, including the suggestions for “sector-based universities” such as yoga university, sports university, teachers university and others, submitted by Gujarat would be discussed.

“Ten different teams have been set up by the Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) to look into the suggestions. One such proposal from Gujarat for sector-based universities would be looked into and will reflect in the final draft,” Singh has been quoted as saying to a national daily.

“In Gujarat, a different university is there for every subject, but the new policy (NEP) says universities should be multi-disciplinary. We are saying that you have set up an entire system that is successfully running so why would you close it down? We have given this in writing,” M M Salunkhe, President of Association of Indian Universities (AIU) and Vice-Chancellor of Bharti Vidyapith, Pune, told the media while agreeing with Singh.

During the Central Advisory Board of Education meeting held last week, these issues were discussed in the presence of education ministers of different states.

Almost all these specialised universities were declared by the then Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and came into existence during his tenure.

AIU objected to merger of colleges

The merger of colleges as proposed in the draft where existing 40 thousand colleges are to be converted into fifteen thousand has also been objected by the AIU. “Also, we opposed the scrapping of UGC. If you are doing this in a hurry, what about the funding of universities? We are discussing these with the government,” Salunkhe told a news daily.

“Discussions are being made on making it an India-centric education policy where liberal education is encouraged along with choice-based credit system,” UGC Chairman added while speaking on the proposed changes in the NEP.

About National Education Policy

The Government of India has formulated the NEP for the promotion of education among the people of India. Elementary education to colleges in both rural and urban India is covered under the policy. The government of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi promulgated the first NEP in 1968. The second policy was broadcasted by Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi in 1986. In 2017, the government of India appointed a new committee under K. Kasturirangan for the preparation of a draft for the new National Education Policy.