MHRD warns Delhi University to approve MOU or lose funds

NEW DELHI, SEPTEMBER 22: The Ministry of Human Resource development (MHRD) has warned The University of Delhi that it would stop getting funds from the ministry if it did not approve the Memorandum of Understanding for release of fund.

Delhi University missed the June deadline fixed by the ministry to sign the memorandum. However, it said that it would approve of the same at the Executive Council meeting to be held on September 27, 2018.

What is included in the MOU?

The MOU has to be signed by the Delhi University, MHRD and the University Grants Commission(UGC). It requires universities to explain how they plan to generate funds. Usually the routes are to raise tuition fee and loan from the Higher Education Funding Agency(HEFA). It also includes the funds to be released for the university by the government.

“The university has called a meeting of the Executive Council (EC) on September 27 and the draft will be placed before the members. The MoU states that varsities will spell out performance parameters, output targets in terms of details of the programme of work and an action plan for the implementation and monitoring of the agreement and others,” a university official said Friday on the condition of the anonymity, ” a university has been quoted as saying to a national daily.

DU applies for Institute of Eminence

Earlier the university had applied to the minister to be considered for the status of Institute of Eminence. In its proposal, the university listed that it plans to focus on more academic freedom and find avenues to generate  more funds. The university set the blueprint to establish nine new schools under it which would focus on areas like Indian culture  and climate change among others.

The nine schools include School of Journalism, Skill Enhancement, School of Governance and Public Policy, School of Transnational Affairs, Informatics, Communication & Computing,School of Global History, Culture and Heritage Education, Delhi School of Climate Change & Sustainability, Delhi School of Public Health,Performing Art. The schools would also have separate sub disciplines. Delhi University also plans to make its programmes self- financed. An official statement released by the university reads, “We will seek to charge appropriate fees for the new courses offered under the strategic plan albeit with significant (30-50%) availability of financing for meritorious/needy students.”

Delhi University was established in 1922 under an act of the Central Legislative Assembly. It is among largest universities in the world offering a host of programmes. The university has around 16 faculties and 86 departments and 77 colleges affiliated to it.