Kerala Government to save 3000 crore by choosing Linux OpenSource in school computers

Kerala Government to save 3000 crore by choosing Linux OpenSource in school computers

May 16: Kerela schools are expected to save an estimated 3000 crore by installing the Linux-OpenSource (OS) operating system instead of proprietary systems like Microsoft Windows in over 2,00,000 school computers. Kerala Infrastructure and Technology for Education (KITE) would be conducting the country’s largest ICT training for teachers, with training of more than 1,50,000 primary teachers beginning in the next academic year.

Linux based free operating system to be installed in 2 lakh schools, over 1.5 lakh teachers to be trained

K Anvar Sadath, Vice-Chairman and Executive Director of KITE said that “Each of the 2,00,000 computers will be powered by the latest version of the Linux-based Free Operating System (FOSS). If we had gone for applications of proprietary nature, each computer would have incurred at least Rs 1.5 lakh in licence fees.”

In fact, KITE has rolled out the new version, named [email protected] GNU/ Linux 18.04. Based on the Ubuntu OS LTS edition, the system features several free applications customised for state school curriculum.

School teachers feel that besides the huge amount of savings, the key advantage of going for free OS is the ability to study, share, edit and publish without restrictions. As per Anajali Krishnan- a school teacher receiving the training, the value of dissemination of knowledge is more crucial than costs in the education sector, hence switching to a free operating system is a wise move in every way.

Project is a continuation of the initiative of turning 45000 classrooms hitech in Kerala

This project is a continuation of turning 45,000 Kerala classrooms hitech. This is currently being done from Class VIII to Class X and will soon culminate in setting up high tech labs at the primary level beginning from the first grade itself.

The [email protected] operating system will be installed in over 14,000 schools of the state comprising of 45.29 lakh students and 1.72 lakh teachers before the next academic year commences. The operating system includes several free applications customised as per the state school curriculum, including an open source office suite, language input tools, database applications, DTP (Desktop Publishing) graphics, image editing software, sound recording, video editing, 3D animation packages, Geographical Information System, database servers and desktop versions of mobile apps. The [email protected] Version 18.04 also features numerous educational softwares such as GeoGebra, PhEt, Sunclock, GCompris, Stellarium, etc.