Kashmir schools holding early-morning classes to minimize academic losses

Kashmir schools holding early-morning classes to minimize academic losses

New Delhi, October 08: Working out a way around the protest-shutdown against the revocation of Jammu and Kashmir’s special status, some schools in the Valley are holding early-morning classes for students to minimize academic losses before exams later this month.

No school uniform

The children, not in their school uniform, in the Sebdan area of Budgam district, go to a house where their teachers impart lessons are to be covered before the final exams.

“We have been holding special classes in this house, instead of the school building, to help students cover the syllabus for the current academic year,” Mohammad Abid, a teacher at the local private school, has been quoted as saying to a news agency.

3-hour classes for kids

Students call it ‘new school’ that is operated between 8 am and 11 am daily before the kids return safely to their homes.

Parents wait for their kids outside the makeshift school to make sure that they go back straight to home.

“My son is 14 years old and I do not want any harm to come his way while ensuring that he keeps up with his studies,” Bashir Ahmad, father of an 8th standard student, said without giving any details.

There have been incidents where kids indulged in pelting stones at security forces in some areas of nearby Bemina locality while they were on way to the special classes.

Getting classes in a very informal atmosphere is making many students happy.

“I think this is cool… This informal atmosphere of not having a uniform and also not following the rigid timetable for classes should be replicated in regular schools as and when they re-open,” Bismah, a seventh standard student, shared.

Although, there are other students as well who miss the fun of studying in a regular school.

“Discipline becomes the first casualty but we have to make do with whatever is available to us academically right now. Schools are not only about cramming up new lessons. Schools also help students in personality development,” Aatif Nazir, a Class 8 student, shared.

Community schools have come up in some areas of Srinagar city. Here, volunteering teachers teach students in their respective areas regardless of the schools they come from.