Institutions should adopt experiential learning through business simulations: Sahil Sharma, VP- Global Human Capital, RateGain

Institutions should adopt experiential learning through business simulations: Sahil Sharma, VP- Global Human Capital, RateGain

While the campus offers at top B-schools and Engineering College largely remain unaffected, the tier-2 and tier-3 institutions are facing placement challenges. At one hand, the market is facing talent crunch and on the other hand, academic institutions are talking about lesser job opportunities. PrepTube Team talks young industry leaders on ‘Where is the gap?’

In this interview Sahil Sharma, Vice President- Global Human Capital, RateGain, shares his insight on the reasons behind the gap in the job market. He says that the gap is really not that big and institutions need to focus on a few selected skill sets to meet evolving industry needs.  He also emphasizes on experiential learning through business simulations as the evolving trend in pedagogy. Mr Sharma is an alumnus of IIM Calcutta and has also previously worked with IndiaMART.

Read his complete interview below:

Q: Where is the gap in the job market?

A: With AI and ML being the new concept, of course the count of new roles/jobs has gone down in the past few years. Having said that, the gap is not too much, especially in an economy like India which is still developing the tech stack.

Q: What is your opinion on the pace with which institutes are updating their curriculum design to suit industry needs?

A: Things are changing constantly. The client demands are changing, technology is changing. It is only wise if the institutes are being cognizant of that and making changes to their curriculum to match that pace.

Q: What are the major changes that you have made in your campus recruitment process over the last 5 years?

A: We have introduced a lot of Technology assessment to ensure that we hire the best talent. Also, while the current skill set of these students is important, their ability to learn in a fast-paced business environment equally plays a great role while being evaluated in the campus recruitment process.

Q: What is the better option for you: On-campus placement or Off-campus placement? Why?

A: I’d like to do the on-campus more. We have hired about 17 campus hires this year. It’s important to induct this stream of fresh and young talent into the organization.

Q: What message you have for academic institutions towards preparing graduating students industry-ready and job-ready?

A: Make them work more on the experiential learning. A lot can be done through business simulations. Gone are the days that you’d ask students to write the case studies and learn from them.