Innovative Way to Boost Students’ Morale! Rajasthan Govt Plans To Award Free Air Travel to Class Toppers

Innovative Way to Boost Students’ Morale! Rajasthan Govt Plans To Award Free Air Travel to Class Toppers

New Delhi, October 23: Students of Rajasthan, who are preparing for their state board exams, here comes a piece of good news for you all. If you top Class 10 or Class 12 Board exams, set to be held in March next year, you will not only be awarded a merit certificate but also with free air travel to tour the whole India.

An announcement in this regard has been made by Rajasthan School Education Minister Govind Dotasara. He said the free air travel scheme would be provided to the meritorious students as an encouragement to continue to excel in their academics.

“We are planning to provide one free air travel on government expenses to the students who are extra-ordinary, whether in extra-curricular activities or in academics, to boost their morale and as an inspiration so that they can come forward,” Govind Dotasara was quoted as saying by a news agency.

As part of the initiative, the minister said a batch of 66 students from the state have been sent to tour whole India with two from each district. “Today, we have sent a total of 66 students, two from each district, on a tour by bus. We have sent one teacher from every district along with them,” the minister added.

National exposure

Saying that this scheme will enable students from economically weaker background to travel freely to see the whole nation, the minister said these students will also come to know about the culture, educational institutes and many more things of other states in the country.

“We are going to do this with the instructions from Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot. We have given instructions to officers to make guidelines for the selection of students and from the coming session the students will be taken on a tour via air,” he added.

The minister said that all this is being done to nurture the talent of the students and there will be a healthy competition among them.

Selection criteria

Along with board exam marks, the selection process for free air travel will be based on the extra-curricular activities of Class 10 and 12. Recently, the state government has also announced that the NCERT syllabus will be implemented in schools from the next session. The new syllabus will be applicable for Classes 6 to 9 and Class 11.