Indian teen in Dubai gets selected in seven US Universities

Indian teen in Dubai gets selected in seven US Universities

New Delhi, April 29Simone Noorali, a seventeen year old Indian student based in Dubai, has been offered acceptance letters from seven of the top universities in the United States. The universities which have sent out acceptance letters to Simone include Dartmouth College and the University of Pennsylvania which are among the Ivy League institutions of the country besides five other high ranking universities, namely, University of California in Berkeley, John Hopkins University, Emory University, George Town University and George Washington University.

Simone is a straight A student, a pianist and the author of a book on human trafficking

Simone has been a student of the Uptown School in Mirdif during her entire grade school period. All these years, she has been a straight A student. She is the head girl at her school. Besides being very good in academics, she is an accomplished pianist. One of her remarkable achievements is being a published author at such a young age. She has written a book on human trafficking titled “The Girl in the Pink Room” which is being used for educational purposes and is also part of the Modern United Nations Program.

In an interview given to Khaleej Times, she said that “I honestly think there is no secret to being accepted in to these universities. The whole process is about discovering yourself. Everyone has something unique to offer.” She said that the application process made her look back at her own life and try to figure out the reasons behind all the things that she had done. She had explained all of that in an eloquent manner in her college application essays.

She would choose the institution on the basis of the international relations and economics program

Simone’s father, Sameer Noorali, said that his daughter was a “prime example” of how students could get into the best of institutions without having their parents buying their way in.

Now that Simone has seven acceptance letters from the best of universities in the US, where would she choose to enrol? The question is an obvious one and Simone said that her choice would depend upon the strength of the international relations and economics program of the institution.