IIT Guwahati develops ‘Smart-Engineer’ for greater penetration of electric vehicles

IIT Guwahati develops ‘Smart-Engineer’ for greater penetration of electric vehicles

New Delhi, October 06: The Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), Guwahati has announced the development of an Artificial Intelligence (AI)-assisted engineering system design tool, Smart-Engineer, in order to advance greater penetration of Electric Vehicles (EVs) on the roads of India. By leveraging IBM Watson AI Platform and IBM Cloud, Ph.D. and master’s students have built the tool.

No intervention from experts

Built by the e-mobility lab (EML), the ‘Smart-Engineer’ has developed an AI-based electric motor designer that helps a novice design engineer to design a motor for EV application without needing much help from experts. The knowledge base of expert motors designers is captured and programmed using IBM Watson’s AI platform in Smart-Engineer. It is hosted on IBM Public Cloud.

Without essentially having to interact with the experts, a fresh engineer is enabled by the Smart-Engineer to learn from the collective knowledge and their wisdom. Smart-Engineer can be consulted to get the answers whenever the design engineer has a query.

“The current version of Smart-Engineer is able to address the fundamentals involved in the design of induction motors. The early results are very promising, and we now intend to expand the capability of Smart-Engineer to include the finer aspects of motor design. We are compiling the know-why of motor design that we have gathered over the years in the e-mobility lab (EML) and will use this knowledge repository, combined with IBM’s AI and cloud capabilities, to make Smart-Engineer even smarter,” Praveen Kumar, professor at Department of Electronics and Electrical Engineering (EEE), IIT Guwahati, said while talking about the development of Smart-Engineer.

Smart-Engineer helps the engineer in climbing the steep learning curve of motor design in the shortest possible time, and it is measurable as well. The institute said that ultimately, the capabilities of Smart-Engineer will be improved to address the other domains of EV like power electronics, control systems, battery management systems, and more.

Innovative discoveries

IIT Guwahati is known for its groundbreaking discoveries. Earlier in August 2019, a low-cost, hand-held device to detect bacteria was developed by its researchers. A statement from the Institute stated that this research will help in the quick detection of bacteria, which is crucial not only in healthcare but also in anti-bioterrorism measures and environmental monitoring applications.