IBM India to design course curriculum for CBSE’s Artificial Intelligence programme

IBM India to design course curriculum for CBSE’s Artificial Intelligence programme

New Delhi, September 11: Experts from IBM India will be designing the Central Board of Secondary Education’s (CBSE) syllabus for the soon to be introduced Artificial Intelligence (AI) course. The board will be introducing AI as an elective subject for Class 9 students from the next academic year. For designing and developing the course curriculum of the subject, CBSE has roped in technology experts from IBM India to ensure that students get a strong foundation of  the subject.

Appointment of expert team

An expert panel comprising the global team and other subject experts is appointed by IBM India for the development of syllabus of the AI elective subject. It will develop the course curriculum for the subject right from the beginning, considering the learning capabilities and requirements of the students.

Pilot project for testing syllabus

IBM has launched a pilot project in more than 1000 schools located in Delhi, Bengaluru, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata, Chennai and Hyderabad as part of the process of developing the course outline. During this time, CBSE and IBM will together assess the students’ performance and the learning outcomes for the new AI syllabus.

The board will finalise the curriculum and integrate it from the next academic session onwards after the completion of the pilot project and after receiving a positive outcome for the same. The pilot project for evaluating the newly developed AI syllabus has been launched on September 11, 2019 in New Delhi.

IBM will launch an awareness drive for school principals as a part of the pilot project for testing of the AI curriculum. The school teachers will be undergoing a detailed training exercise that will comprise foundational guidance of the subject over two and a half days. Following this, the students will be given exposure to the new syllabus in a phased manner.

The students will also undergo a five-phased training on AI after the foundational training for teachers. To help students learn the basics of Artificial Intelligence, their training will consist of various learning tools such as research-informed readings, customised online resources and hands-on project. The syllabus will include chief concepts like orientation on AI, ideation and innovation workshops on selected areas for AI deployment.