‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’ to deal with economic slowdown, unemployment, says Manish Sisodia

‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’ to deal with economic slowdown, unemployment, says Manish Sisodia

New Delhi, September 18: Delhi Finance and Education Minister Manish Sisodia said that joblessness, economic slowdown and unemployment will be dealt with his government’s ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’. Mr. Sisodia discussed Delhi’s role in the national economy and made remarks at an interaction with 140 entrepreneurs at the Delhi Secretariat.

Job creator rather than job seeker

The Minister said that Delhi’s ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’ aims to meet the challenge of contributing to the country’s economy. India should be transformed into a job creator economy rather than being just a job seeker economy.

“The stress should be on shifting the mindset amongst our young generation from getting employed to employing others. The transition from being a job seeker to a job creator. We should let our kids decide on both the choices – to opt for a salaried profession or to explore the field of entrepreneurship without restricting them to pursue a job,” Mr. Sisodia has been quoted as saying to a national daily.

He explained that the ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’ will deal with the problem of joblessness, slowing economic growth and unemployment. The Delhi government’s flagship programme was launched earlier in 2019 for Classes 9 to 12 across all Delhi government schools.

Regular engagement with children

One of the key components of the programme includes the entrepreneur community to connect with children on a regular basis.

“99 per cent of the graduates coming out of our colleges today are job seekers. If this is allowed to continue, India will always remain a job seeker economy. We have to become a job creator economy,” the Deputy Chief Minister said laying out the state government’s vision for the ‘Entrepreneurship Mindset Curriculum’.

“When we reach a stage where we believe we have already achieved a lot of material gains, the question we ask ourselves is, what can we contribute to the nation? I want to tell you today, this program is precisely that opportunity presenting itself before you. In the next 4-5 years, we have the opportunity to transform Delhi’s job market and economy, and contribute to the country as well. Let’s take this as a challenge and dream big,” he said hailing the opportunity before the city’s entrepreneur community to contribute to the country.