DU to take strict actions against eve-teasing during Holi

New Delhi, Mar 13: Delhi University will be setting up control rooms in north and south campus to receive complaints from students during the festival of Holi. The university has asked its students not to play in a disruptive manner using balloons, wet colors or pistons across any of its educational institutes. It said that anti-ragging and anti-eve-teasing provisions would be applied if a student is troubled during the festival, which falls on March 21.

“The principals, head of the departments and Provost of halls and hostels may form committees of teachers, students and ‘karamcharis’ to prevent the entry of outsiders into the colleges and departments. Security guards should be posted at the gates to check the identity cards of visitors and students,” the varsity shared.

Control rooms to be set up for receiving complaints

DU said that in order to deal with any untoward incident, there will be control rooms jointly manned by Delhi Police and DTC authorities. The university officials at North and South Campus would also be functional.

“All are requested to desist from playing of Holi in a rowdy manner and with wet colours/balloons/pistons in any educational institution. Entry to colleges/ departments/centres/halls/hostels would be regulated through identity cards during the festival days,” the advisory has clearly mentioned.

The principals, dean of faculties, head of the departments and Provost of halls and hostels will be available to take care of any occurrence. The university said that a senior person should be present in the premises of the institution during the absence of any one of them.

It said that there will also be a special check on the guest entry in the halls and hostels during these days for prevention of entry of unwanted outsiders.

DU approaches DTC, Metro

DTC and Metro authorities have been approached by DU for keeping a vigil eye on any kind of harassment of girl students especially during ‘Holi’ week.

“DTC drivers have been instructed to take the buses to the nearest police station in case any hooliganism or harassment of students is noticed in the buses, especially any incident targeted at girls,” the varsity has been quoted as saying to a national daily.