Delhi govt. considering to set up its own education board, says Manish Sisodia

Delhi govt. considering to set up its own education board, says Manish Sisodia

New Delhi, August 13: “If the CBSE keeps making arbitrary decisions”, then the Delhi government would consider setting up its own education board, said Delhi Education Minister Manish Sisodia.

CBSE has recently revised its exam fee structure across India, increasing it from Rs. 150 per subject to Rs. 300 per subject for all students. For SC/ST students, the Board had a special exam fee arrangement for them in Delhi of Rs. 350 for five subjects, of which students paid Rs. 50 and the state government reimbursed Rs. 300. Now, the fee has been raised to Rs. 1,200 for five papers.

Delhi govt. completely against fee hike

The Education Minister said that a fee hike has been opposed by the Delhi government in meetings with CBSE officials. “We have been opposing this in meetings. Last month, our officials met them regarding this but they went ahead and did it anyway… CBSE keeps making arbitrary decisions without taking Delhi government into consideration, despite us being the largest stakeholder,” he has been quoted as saying to a national daily.

Additional expenditure on conducting exams

The Board officials said that the exam fee has been hiked owing to additional costs that will be spent on strengthening the conduct of exam. “We will try and meet officials from the government on Tuesday and resolve this matter…,” an official told the media.

“Since last year, we have made many changes which, cumulatively, have led to increased cost… For instance, we have deployed extra observers for each day in each centre. We have had capacity building workshops for our paper setters and evaluators. We have also increased the number of evaluators by 40%. We also started six new regional offices last year… CBSE does not receive any grants from the government,” another senior CBSE official told a news daily.

Of the total of 22,456 schools affiliated with CBSE, as many as 2,143 schools are affiliated with the CBSE in Delhi. Delhi, like other Union Territories, follows CBSE even in government schools, while the respective state education boards are followed by the government schools in states. The Union Territory with the largest number of government schools is Delhi. Further, private schools and those run by central government have affiliation from CBSE.

“Given that we are the board’s largest partner, they can’t just force their decisions on us… We are seriously considering setting up our own board,” said Sisodia.