Canadian university to become world’s first varsity to legalise pot smoking on campus

Vancouver  (Canada), Nov 21: The University of British Columbia (UBC) in Canada is likely to become the first varsity in the world to legalise pot smoking on campus, following legalisation of the possession and sale of recreational cannabis in the country last month.

Dedicated gazebos for pot smoking inside campus

The university would also set up dedicated gazebos for pot smoking inside the campus. Smoking of Cannabis will not be allowed in classrooms, student residences, UBC vehicles, bus shelters and other such areas on campus.

The university committee has drafted a policy titled “Smoking and Smoking Product Promotion on Campus” and put it up for community consultation.

A final decision on the draft policy is likely to be taken in February.

“We believe that when you criminalise any activity that people are engaging in any way, all you do is drive the behaviour underground. However, that doesn’t mean that everything and anything can be decriminalised. Hence, the policy will take into account that the decorum of the campus is also maintained,” Hubert Lai, University of British Columbia’s (UBC) counsel, was quoted as saying by a news agency.

Draft policy prohibits cultivation, sale of cannabis on campus

The draft policy prohibits both cultivation and sale of cannabis on campus. It also prohibits smoking of cannabis anywhere on the campus except in designated smoking gazebos.

However, in accordance with the federal law, individuals over 19 years of age may share or give away cannabis to other individuals who are over 19 years of age, as long as the amount of cannabis given away doesn’t exceed the amount that such an individual is allowed to possess.

“An individual on campus may not possess cannabis in amount that is greater than the amount set out by federal law, which is the equivalent of 30g of dried cannabis or 450g of cannabis edibles. Cannabis may be stored in residence in your private space in your bedroom as long as all storage containers are clearly labelled as containing cannabis or cannabis product and are stored in such a way as to not create nuisance to other residents,” Lai said.

The draft policy also refrain the university employees from using any impairing substance, including alcohol and cannabis, during or prior to work hours. The violation of the rule will attract disciplinary action. Employees who are prescribed cannabis for medical purposes are required to consult their supervisor.