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IIT Delhi cutoff for different courses and category is presented in this article. The admission to this premium engineering college which is the dream of every engineering aspirant is done through JEE Advanced, which is the second and final stage of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE). The total number of candidates eligible to appear for JEE Advanced is 2,24,000 and admission to different courses in IIT Delhi are based on IIT Delhi cutoff.

The institute offers four-year multiple B.Tech programmes and the most highly polpular course – Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) has the highest cutoff at IIT Delhi admissions. In this article, the detailed information about IIT Delhi cutoff is provided which will be helpful in understanding JEE Advanced counselling and IIT Delhi admissions.

IIT Delhi cutoff based on JEE Advanced Ranks

Admissions to IIT Delhi are through JEE Advanced ranks. IIT Delhi cutoff is the rank that has to be secured by the candidate to move further in the admission procedure. The cutoff ranks are based on a number of factors such as the total number of available seats, categories, course preferences of the candidates, and many more. The institute releases two types of cutoffs for IIT Delhi admissions- qualifying cutoff and admission cutoff.

The IIT Delhi qualifying cutoff has to be met by the test-taker in order to be considered qualified in JEE Advanced, whereas the admission cutoff of IIT Delhi has to be secured to have higher chances of admissions. IIT Delhi cutoff can be checked in online mode for all the categories- General, OBC-NCL, SC and ST. The opening and closing ranks of all the offered programmes such as Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Computer Science & Engineering, etc. is released via IIT Delhi cutoff. Generally, the cutoff for Computer Science & Engineering goes very high at IIT Delhi as this is the most preferred discipline among the toppers. The admission cutoff of IIT Delhi is released after the seat allotment procedure. Each course and category has different opening and closing ranks.

IIT Delhi cutoff trend

The qualified candidates of JEE Advanced should know the IIT Delhi cutoff of previous years in order to have an idea of their chances of admission. This knowledge should be used while filling the choices on the JoSAA seat allocation portal for the counselling procedure. IIT aspirants can check below the category-wise and programme-wise cutoff of IIT Delhi of previous year in order to have a fair idea about the admissions.

IIT Delhi Cutoff for different Courses and Categories

JEE Advanced cutoff 2017
Name of the courses Categories Opening Rank Closing Rank
Biotechnology & Biochemical Engineering General 2858 3860
OBC-NCL 1157 2131
SC 1054 1349
ST 523 675
Chemical Engineering General 949 1780
OBC-NCL 634 981
SC 207 671
ST 157 300
Civil Engineering General 701 2869
OBC-NCL 486 980
SC 226 532
ST 10 53
Computer Science & Engineering General 3 104
OBC-NCL 21 67
SC 17 35
ST 5 25
Electrical Engineering General 226 416
OBC-NCL 108 203
SC 36 106
ST 1 43
Electrical Engineering (Power & Automation) General 467 928
OBC-NCL 293 484
SC 214 270
ST 69 113
Engineering Physics General 1115 2433
OBC-NCL 704 1466
SC 463 764
ST 465 613
Mathematics & Computing General 207 329
OBC-NCL 136 232
SC 66 150
ST 95 109
Mechanical Engineering General 445 944
OBC-NCL 210 452
SC 11 188
ST 24 60
Production & Industrial Engineering General 1694 2637
OBC-NCL 905 1517
SC 584 1046
ST 427 471
Textile Technology General 2958 5161
OBC-NCL 1700 2787
SC 1349 1809
ST 445 725


IIT Delhi Cutoff- Questions and Answers

Q: Which is the most and least preferred engineering branch in IIT Delhi?

A: The most sought-after engineering discipline at IIT Delhi is Computer Science and Engineering, whereas the least preferred is Textile Engineering.

Q: Is the cutoff of IIT Delhi same for all the categories?

A: No, the cutoff, which is based on JEE Advanced ranks of candidates, varies for all the categories. Also, the opening and closing ranks for each branch also changes every year

Q: What was the opening and closing rank at IIT Delhi in 2018

A: The opening rank was AIR 3 for Computer Science and Engineering and the closing rank was AIR 6067 for Textile Engineering in 2018.


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