10 Reasons to Study Computer Science Engineering


Computer Science Engineering: Our lives are being touched by computing on daily basis. From the phones we use to the cars we drive, we are all interacting with the computer technology in everything we do. Whether you want to create a computer application or design software for the healthcare sector, you need to study computer science engineering and make a career in this field. A career in computer science engineering will never become obsolete as we all are surrounded by the technology 24X7.

If you are considering to study Computer Science branch of engineering but need further convincing, then check below the top 10 reasons to study computer science engineering.

1.  Growing demand for computer science engineers

We are living in this digital age, and thus there is a great need for computer scientists for managing a wide array of tasks. Computer programmes have gained access to each and every aspect of our lives. All the work of theorising, designing, developing and applying the software and hardware for the programmes that we use every day is performed by computer scientists. Thus, there is a growing need for computer science engineers.

2. Computer science engineers get lucrative salary packages

Due to their great demand, the salary packages with which their expert knowledge is rewarded are very high. Even the recent graduates in professional roles are remunerated quite well on an average. So, one can expect to earn a lot at a later stage after gaining some experience.

3. Every type of industry needs computer science engineers

All the industries use computers, and thus computer science engineers have the option of working in any one of them. Problems prevailing in healthcare, data, science engineering, etc. can be solved by computers. It is up to the engineers specialising in computer science to figure out what kind of software should be designed to apply the solution.

4. Globally diverse cohort

Computer science department is known for having one of the most culturally diverse cohorts. A lot of students come from overseas to study this discipline. A diverse cohort may result in exposing you to different cultures. You may complete your graduation with an international network of professional contacts that you can utilise in future.

5. Attractive abroad opportunities

Computers are used across the whole world, and thus there are huge opportunities for a computer science engineer to work abroad and gain extensive experience. If you choose to work for a while in another country, then you will get a deeper understanding of how computers and software are used across the globe. This will allow you to know other cultures and gain its language skills as well.

6. Platform for displaying true innovation and creativity

There is a lot of creativity involved in the task of a computer science engineer. This field is not only about programming but also about inventing and building solutions. An engineer of this specialisation is like an artist whose canvas can be a PC or smartphone display. In this modern age, you cannot even imagine living without applications like Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. So if you want to give wings to your imagination, then computer science engineering is the right choice for you.

7. Nearly recession-proof jobs

Companies are in great need of talent across all the areas of computing. The number of computing jobs available is more than the number of qualified people who can fill the vacancy. It is expected that there will be a growth of 12%-37% in computing and information technology jobs by 2022. Considering this high growth rate, you can easily see that firms need more talent in the form of computer science engineers.

8. Protection of civil liberty

The growth of the internet has become a threat to our privacy. A huge quantity of our personal data flows across the internet on a daily basis, and this has made us vulnerable to hacking. We exchange our personal information for convenience, but there is a constant fear of who is having access to our financial data or medical records. This is a major digital issue that requires computing experts to solve the matter. Thus, your expert knowledge will be in great demand all across the globe.

9. Frontline warriors in battle against cybercriminals

Encryption algorithms that are used for making and breaking the secret codes have been in focus from a long time now. Cybercrime has become a huge business due to the increasing number of activities of conspiratorial smugglers and hackers who infuse our computers with viruses for stealing the financial data, and more. Studying computer science engineering will give you the required knowledge and power to fight against this serious problem.

10. Bring a positive difference with your work

All the major innovation in the fields of science, healthcare, environmental monitoring and protection, etc. are the results of computing. Without it, there would not be a proper and structured way to keep the data safe. So if you want to be a part of a positive change at work and in the world as well, then study computer science engineering.


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